GR Moss Appraisals

G.R. Moss Appraisals Inc.

Machinery & Equipment Valuations
“Providing expert opinions from coast to coast”

Our clients range in size from the entrepreneurial business to the large multi-national corporation in practically every sector of the economy. We have appraised industries in virtually every category.

Agricultural Products
Mining, Underground, & Open Pit
Aircraft Repair and Service
Oil and Gas Services
Automotive Parts
Paper Converting
Breweries and Beverages
Plastics, Injection, and Extrusion
Printing Industries
Construction Products
Public Utilities
Distilleries & Wine Industries
Meat Processing
Restaurant & Food Services
Landscaping Industry
Suction Excavation Services
Marine Equipment
Aerospace Industries
Cannabis Growing & Processing                              

Pulp and Paper Products
Fisheries and Seafood Products
Rubber Products Recycling
Food Processing
Ship and Vessel Building
Forestry and Lumber Products
Steel Service Centers
Jewelry & Precious Metals
Textiles, Weaving & Knitting
Laboratories & Research Facilities
Transportation, Road & Off-Road
Metal Fabricating & Machining
Woodworking & Manufacturing
Movie & Television Filming, & Production
Recycling Industries
Pharmaceuticals Products
Airport Services
Asphalt & Road Building
Packaging Materials
Medical Equipment Services